Where to Find Resources about Gardening in Canada

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Canada experiences some of the lowest temperatures in the world. Farmers require a lot of farming information to be successful in the country. It might be difficult to obtain resources to guide you on farming in different provinces in Canada. If you are finding it difficult to find resources, worry no more. Here are some of the places to find resources about gardening in Canada.

Where to Find National Information

Here are some of the resources to acquire national information on gardening.

  • Northern Gardening Forum

The Northern Gardening Forum is at the National Gardening Association. This is a great resource if you want to learn about gardening in any part of the country.

  • Fresh from the Garden

This is a gardening book by John Whitman. It is a great resource which can help you practice herbs, berries and vegetable farming. It is a great book to help you get the most nutritious and tastiest produce in a very cold climate. This book has a complete guide of about 150 plants. This guide will help you choose which plants you want to grow. It is regarded to as a great resource as one can learn how to plant, take care and harvest crops. It also has pictures which will help you see exactly what to do to the crops.

  • Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening
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This is a gardening book that focuses on vegetable farming. It mainly teaches how to plant and take care of plants. It also includes information on when to carry out some of the farming activities throughout Canada. This book is a total package to anyone who needs to have information on planting and growing of vegetables and herbs.

  • Gardening when it Counts

This book by Steve Solomon is great to help you grow food even during the hard times. It is meant for the advanced farmers who are serious in growing food. Steve goes ahead to explain why a lot of effort and energy is required to maintain plants. He also explains about the health of the soil. There is also information about cover cropping and how it helps the soil and growth of the plants.

  • Organizations

There are also organizations all over the country which can act as a very big resource. These organizations give farmers all over Canada information on how to plant and harvest. They also give information on when to carry out the farming activities. These organizations also give information on the types of crops which do well in various provinces.

Some of these organizations include Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, Canadian Organic Growers, Canadian Peony Society, Canadian Rose Society, City Farmer, Composting Council of Canada and The Nature Conservancy of Canada.

  • Resources in Provinces

There are also resources which can be used in specific provinces. There are organizations which give information on farming in specific provinces. There also some places where you can visit to learn about farming in specific counties. For instance, you can visit the Tofino Botanical Gardens in British Columbia and Biodome de Montreal in Quebec.

One can also access farming information from home through the help of online resources. Some of the informational links used are, Frost Dates for Manitoba in Manitoba and Frost Dates for Ontario in Ontario. There are also organizations which act as a great resource to the farmers in various provinces. They include, The Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs in Nova Scotia and Calgary Horticultural Society in Alberta.