Understanding Canada’s Gardening Seasons

Canada experiences four different seasons throughout the year: spring, summer, fall and winter. Different gardening activities are done in every season as each season has a different effect on the plants. Farmers need to plan ahead and therefore are required to understand all the gardening seasons in their country.

In Canada, seasons may not be the same in all the provinces. Therefore, farmers are required to learn about their area. Here are a few points to help you understand Canada’s gardening seasons. As a gardener, you should consider doing things a little late or early as there might be a little climatic change.


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The winter in Canada starts towards the end of the month of December. It is the snowy period of the year. Farming activities cannot be carried out during this period as the soil is covered by frost. This is a great period for you as a farmer to sit down and plan your next farming season. You can make yourself a list of all the farming tools and seeds you will require when spring comes. You may also decide to sit back and enjoy poker online in your favorite casino.


After a long winter, spring comes giving hope of life in the gardens. The season starts towards the end of March. You should begin by taking winter mulch into the compost to allow the soil to gain some warmth. As soon as the soil becomes workable, you should begin adding manure to it. This is also a great season to plant and prune. Make sure some your weak plants are well protected from the heavy rains and the strong winds. You should also pull the weeds to help your plants develop well. It is advisable to pull weeds after rain. Mulch your plants to make sure they maintain moisture even during the summer.


The summer in Canada begins during the late July. This is the season in Canada where gardeners are required to show their gardening skills. Your plants may end up dying in this season if you do not give them proper care. Always inspect your plants during this period to ensure there is no insect infestation in your farm. You should take the necessary actions if there is an infestation. Gardeners should also remove the faded flowers in order to allow the second blooming. Gardeners are encouraged to mulch their plants to help retain moisture during the summer. You should avoid moving plants during the summer. Some farmers prefer preparing planting beds for the fall before the end of summer.


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This season kicks off in late September. This is a cold season and you have to dress yourself well when visiting the garden. This is a great period to prepare yourself for the frost. Form mulch under the shrubs and trees to protect them. Always water the mulch to help it stay intact. Water any young trees if by any chance you are going through a dry autumn. You can plant tough plants during this season. This is the season where farmers take advantage of the warm days to empty and store their water containers.