Plants That Thrive in Canadian Gardens

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Canada hosts some of the world’s best and most attractive gardens. There are countless gardens across the country, all of which produce a range of quality products. These gardens grow specific crops that can only thrive in the weather and soil conditions found in certain parts of Canada. Many of the plants in these gardens are perennial crops, which remain productive for a number of years. There are also flowers and vegetables grown in these gardens, which are sold both locally and for export. Different areas throughout Canada specialise in different crops. Some of the plants and crops commonly found in Canadian gardens include the following:


These are also referred to as stonecrops. Such plants have the ability to store water in their leaves. These plants are also very attractive and bring vibrant colours into one’s garden. What’s more, their ability to store water in their leaves makes them drought-resistant. Sedum comes in different varieties, some of which grow along the ground while others tend to grow upright. This plant requires relatively little care and can withstand adverse weather conditions.


Roses do very well in Canada due to the country’s favourable climate. There are different varieties of roses, and each one thrives in different weather conditions. Before planting roses in your garden, be sure to consult an expert about which varieties to plant. An expert’s opinion can be of much help. Experts can also provide you with guidance on how to take care of roses, and help you deal with various garden-related problems, such as diseases and pests.


Dahlias do extremely well in warm conditions. Although they thrive at all times of the year in Canada, May is usually the best month for them since it is generally warm. Over the winter, dahlia tubers should be stored indoors before being transplanted outside when the summer arrives.


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Foxgloves are perennial plants. Their flowers are harvested over several seasons from the same crop. It is a plant commonly found in gardens all over Canada. Seedlings are planted in an indoor environment in the early spring immediately after purchase. The production of foxgloves usually peaks during summertime, and then again the following spring when it starts flowering for a second time.

Purple Coneflowers

Canadian soil and weather is very favourable for the growth of purple coneflowers. From its name, the reader can tell that this plant produces purple flowers, which attract bees and butterflies to one’s garden. Because they can thrive on poor soil, these plants are especially easy to grow and maintain.


Peonies are perennial garden crops mostly found in Canada. They require a lot of care, however, in order to obtain optimal harvests. The flowers of these plants are red in colour and can be harvested for decades, provided they are well maintained. It is advised to plant them at a depth of no less than two inches.


Another plant commonly found in gardens throughout Canada is the poppy. This crop does well in cool climates, and generally produces low yields when grown in warmer weather.