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Steve Ray's Bamboo Gardens

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Let us introduce you to the fabulous world of bamboo. You can grow it as an indoor potted plant. Outdoors, you can develop an exotic green forest grove which you can walk through or live in.

    We have been growing bamboo over 40 years and have large display groves growing on 50 acres, landscaped with over 350 plantings of over 100 varieties. We have, with a few exceptions, the entire Barbour Lathrop collection growing in our Coosa River bottom land gardens, plus many other bamboos acquired from collectors over the years. We try to concentrate on the tried and proven performers in the bamboo world, such as Phyllostachys nigra cv. Henon and Bory, Phyllostachys bissetii, Phyllostachys rubromarginata, the aureas, and of course Phyllostachys bambusoides, Phyllostachys vivax, Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens. Most of our bamboo plantings are planted in triplicate or more, which means we can harvest or take plants from one grove and by rotation let the others rest and grow. For instance we have 11 plantings of Moso bamboo.

     We give educational tours through our groves to garden club groups, potential customers, photographers, and have an educational presentation with beautiful slides available to groups within reasonable traveling distance.

    When you live with bamboo such as we have for most of your life, seeing it everyday, you begin to notice small details about it that are not in any books. We can identify most bamboos at a distance, because like trees each has its individual shape.

    At our nursery we maintain several hundred containers of bamboos that are ready for local pickup at our New London Gardens near Pell City Alabama. We can also walk the groves with you and help you choose larger plants which we will dig, bag, and tag for you. Our nursery is open by appointment due to distance from residence. Give us a call and we will schedule a date and time and put you on the calendar. We are not too big or important to talk bamboo with you. Come walk the bamboo groves with us and we will show you the Big Bamboo

Enjoy our portal to your very own Bamboo Gardens.


Steve Ray.

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